New Hot tub on the Maple lodge.

    Great news…our lovely Maple lodge is soon to receive a posh new private hot tub to go with it! Not a wood-burning one like our cherry lodge (which has been excellent,) but a low energy electric one. Arrives very soon. Pictures to follow.

New Hot Tub

We are really pleased with this latest Wood Burning addition to Hentervene. A hot tub heated by a wood fire. Sounds odd? Not at all, it is a really lovely experience. Once it gets up to temperature, you can sit in there with the bubbles and lights, and the gentle crackle of a real wood […]

Planting the orchard.

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping the environment, we have just spent a few days planting out the orchard. It is all the way across the top part of the wildflower meadow. This will hopefully helps the bees as they come into flower next season, and we should have some lovely fruit, apples, cherries […]

Conservation awards.

We have always been keen to help the wildlife in and around Hentervene. We are very lucky to have such an abundance. Back in 2011, we joined the Bellamy conservation award scheme, primarily to see if what we were doing was right, and also for advice, what could we do to improve. We were delighted […]

The plight of the bumble bee

Bumble bees, in fact bees in general are on the decline. Since 1930, it is estimated we have lost 97% of the flower rich grassland bees used to thrive on. So what, I hear you ask? Well, the decline of the bee coincides with the population increase and demand for more food. Vast acres of farmland […]